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Why Prayers are not answered ? Supplicating to the Almighty Benefits of Some Duas
Philosophy of Duas - Summary Extract on supplication from' Ain Ul Hayat 'by Allamah Majlisi Prayer In Islam - Detailed article
Article on Dua -Sayings from Imams Why are supplications recited at particular times and places? Hadith of Merits of Tahajjud
Waiting for Imam - Our role  Letter to Reciters & Sponsors of Majalis lectures For Teachers
Lessons from Kerbala 1    Part2     Part3 Salaat on time -pdf Rewards of congregation-pdf 
An Islamic View on Magic Causes of Worries Family & Child Upbringing
Things that increase/decrease "Rizq  Daily Program for a believer Some book sources of dua

 Audio English Lectures on the Topic of Dua  

DUAS  -Books & Sources

Dua  :- A book by Hasan Mamdouhi*    The Necessity of Supplication*      Kinds of Supplication*     The Constituents of Supplication*      The Truth behind Supplication*    The Language of Supplication

 Oddatul Daee Asset of the Supplicant Index      Click here to download zip file   by Ahmad Ibne Mohammad Ibne Fahd Assadi Heli born in the city of Helleh, Iraq in the year 757 A.H  In this book, the etiquette of Dua (Supplication) in terms of time, place and the supplicant have been discussed and the main question as to why our prayers are not answered despite the fact that God has promised to answer our prayers has been sufficiently dealt with

 Manifestations of the All Merciful    By Muhammad Khalfan A exposition of the famous dua recited in Ramadhan month "Allahuma ahle kabooris saroor "

 Spiritual Journey of the Mystics (Suluk al-Arifan) by Haj Javad Maliki Tabrizi   Etiquette and codes of special deeds performed by Allah's most sincere servants during the Holy Month of Ramadhan; the self-restraint and asceticism practised by them during these worships and the self-purification achieved by them....      

 Rabee al-Anaam fi Adeea-e-Khairil Anaam pdf  from

 AneesulMomineen.pdf from

 WazaifulAbrar Urdu pdf 12 mb

Power of prayers Word

Islamic Medical Wisdom Tibb Ahimma

Baqiyatus salehat Arabic word

MafatihulJinan version 3 in arabic for mobiles Java

Information /Books on Imams who were the source of the duas on the site:-

- General
- Fatima (s.a.) The Gracious   
Sahifa azzehra

Twelve Imams:

- 1) Imam Ali (a.s.)     Sahifa Alavia
- 2) Imam Hassan (a.s.)
- 3) Imam Hussain (a.s.)
- 4) Imam Ali ibn al-Hussain (a.s.)     Sahifa Sajjadia
- 5) Imam Muhammad ibn Ali (a.s.)
- 6) Imam Jafar ibn Muhammad (a.s.)
- 7) Imam Musa ibn Jafar (a.s.)
- 8) Imam Ali ibn Musa (a.s.)    Sahifa Razavia
- 9) Imam Muhammad ibn Ali (a.s.)    Ten duas
- 10) Imam Ali ibn Muhammad (a.s.)    Sahifa Imam Naqi
- 11) Imam Hassan ibn Ali (a.s.)    Sahifa Imam Askari
- 12) Imam Mahdi (a.j.) 
   Sahifa Mehdi

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